Tuesday, December 2, 2008

William Richard Deagle is NOT a Doctor - is a Maniac

Written on behalf of Shelli Stone-Brockman:

This year I thought, I always thought about celebrating my son’s 29th birthday with him, that GREAT birthday before he turns 30—the big THREE-OH. Maybe the house, the girlfriend or wife, the great job-- But I don’t get to do that. I don’t get to wrap my arms around my dear son- because his leg was crushed between a moving and stationary vehicle in 1998, ten years ago, and a nightmare ensued.

My story is not about Devin’s leg being crushed. It’s more because the person who was supposed to help my son was the devil himself: William Richard Deagle, formerly "doctor". He killed my son through malpractice, and he is evil.

William Richard Deagle, to this day, lives a life of decadence and affluence without any guilt or remorse for stealing my son’s life, but he is also, shockingly, he is amassing a cult following, calling himself “Doctor”. He exploits his crazy beliefs, partly, thanks to the heartless "entertainment-only" mentality of websites like YouTube; here is just one of many links which examine this theater of twisted lunacy: www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message626159/pg1.

So I have to say something- I have to shout it to the rooftops, and I will never stop! Let me introduce my story, about how this lunatic, this maniac, William Richard Deagle, killed my son, was subsequently stripped of his title (doctor) due to malpractice, by the same Judge who presided over the Oklahoma City Bombing tragedy, and somehow thinks that he can just go on living his life in a spotlight, catering his insanity to all who will listen.

William Richard Deagle thrives on the celebrity of being bizarre without a single repercussion. He knowingly and irresponsibly took my son's life through malpractice that is unbelievable, without a shred of remorse or regret. If anyone is following him online, you need to know, he is an evil, dangerous, demented person without conscience. He is a Hannibal Lector. He is a nightmare.

Let me say first, my son, Devin, was a child for whom I longed! It took me two and a half years to finally get pregnant after being married for six years. And he was a beautiful baby, and a gorgeous little boy, with wavy blonde hair. Devin was smart, creative, passionate and entertaining. He was his brother’s very best friend, and he had many friends. He was generous to a fault. Devin was allowed to often skip subjects in his own grade to be advanced into a class up to two years ahead. His poetry, his story telling, even when he was young, showed so much insight. His soul was older than he was.

Devin died on February 8, 2004 because of the cruelty of the monstrous William Richard Deagle who was practicing medicine without care or conscience. My ex-husband and I then filed a malpractice suit with Attorney, Jim Leventhal—a lawsuit with such gravity, and so serious, that it was filed in Federal Court, not just in the State of Colorado. In fact, the Judge who presided over this was the very same Honorable Richard Matsch who presided over the Oklahoma City Bombings and over Timothy McVeigh. THIS WAS A BIG DEAL!

When we met with the District Attorney, due to the atrocity of this case and the horrible details about William Richard Deagle, it turns out that, while we were the number-one priority, there were FOUR OTHER PEOPLE filing lawsuits against him for the same reasons! And I know that another of the four additional cases did result in a fatality, as with my son, Devin.

It is the worst tragedy for a parent to outlive their child. I have done that now and his family, his brother, miss him every single day. But it is also a tragedy to watch your loved one endure the physical torture of something inflicted on them at a young age- you just want to help.

Here is the story: after having his leg crushed, Devin went through several operations including fasciotomies, physical therapy, external fixators; and along the way there were staph infections and blood transfusions. He suffered terribly from chronic, unalleviated lifelong pain and, understandably, depression from the injury and also side effects from the pain medication.

We thought that the doctors all wanted to help. I certainly learned differently. After a time, my insurance company referred Devin to a "pain management specialist" but how were we to know that this “specialist” had undergone all of HALF A DAY of medical training to treat chronic pain; and this made him a “specialist”. I thought that, since William Richard Deagle was referred to Devin by the insurance company, he must be competent, or they wouldn’t refer him.

It's true. Upon investigation, we discovered that the dangerous William Richard Deagle had taken only one short weekend seminar and a two-hour course for pain management, all in the name of expanding his patient base and becoming a legal drug pusher without any clue on how to manage medicines with entirely different and contradictory compositions.

Later, after fifty months of investigations and depositions from Bruce and Shelli Stone-Brockman, expert witnesses, and coroners for Arapahoe County, Colorado, testimony agreed 100% completely, that Dr. William Richard Deagle, had ZERO concept, and ZERO concern, whatsoever, of the implications, the danger, or the combined effects of the huge amounts of combined narcotics he liberally prescribed to Devin for years. For all those people online who are giving credence to this madness-- I've seen people say, "Well, he's a doctor" Here's a little newsflash for you-- he is not a doctor. And if you doubt me, have a visit to this website: https://www.doradls.state.co.us/alison.php?action=COMPDETAIL&ind=true&soboard=9999&lickey=MzkwNTAz&t_o_p=0; and you can see that August 15th, 2007, that title he so liberally uses was no longer his.

In February of 2003, Deagle’s license to practice medicine was suspended, and then his license was reinstated two months later, in April, with the heartbreaking stipulation that he could still practice medicine! The only difference was, he wasn't allowed to write prescriptions for patients without having THREE DOCTORS PRESENT in the same room! Does that sound like someone who should be practicing medicine to you?

Afterwards, when his license was taken, this monster had four weeks to explain why he shouldn’t lose it. Did he call? Did he explain? No, instead, he totally forfeited the right to his license and fled to Nova Scotia selling some “Nutra..” crap. Now, having fled to Nova Scotia, he continues to maintain a Colorado business license, and and he has an active presence on MySpace and YouTube enjoying his sickening twisted celebrity, without a single care about the people he killed.

William Richard Deagle is absolutely crazy, and you'll see it if you check out his web space. If you look on MySpace, and YouTube, you’ll see that he supposedly “knew about” the 9-11 tragedy. Not only that, but he claims that he gives every single "patient" a hazmask, because the government deliberately pollutes the air.

Not loony enough? How about this? He thinks that he is advised by the prophet Gabriel, who flies on the wings of God, and that God speaks through the prophet Gabriel to him. There are so many crazy, insane things coming out of this lunatic’s mouth, it’s unbelievable he was ever allowed to practice medicine, much less that he’s now allowed to “sell himself” online legitimately! How could they ever allow a medical license to this torturous human being? If he had such a special position with NORAD (as he claims), and he knew that the government supposedly planned all of these attacks and killings, what-- were his hands tied? Why didn't anyone ever hear about it? The scary thing is, the buyers are lining up; he has a cult following. If I can save ONE person from this nutcase, then this blog will have been worth it. I beg you to listen.

How can I tell you the injustice of the situation where I cannot ever begin to describe the whole brokenhearted, empty hole that will never be filled by anything after the loss of my son.

For the fifty months when we endured excruciating investigations and depositions, each one making me relive the agony of losing my son because of someone who never cared, and has exploited his infamy. The prescriber, Deagle, had no concept of the realities of prescriptions for copious amounts of oxycontin, paxil, oxycodone, methadone, and klonapin, just for starters, upon which he sent my son down the deadly road of dependence, and ultimately, death.

After my son’s death, when the expert witness and coroner for Arapahoe County were deposed and gave testimony, they confirmed that the drugs that Deagle had prescribed were, in combination, completely unable to metabolize together. They confirmed that Bill Deagle was absolutely NOT qualified to treat chronic pain with, much less along with the ensuing depression; they also confirmed that Devin should have been sent to a secondary specialist.

The expert witness reviewing our case for Devin for months agreed with the Arapahoe County Coroner and stated without question, “No doctor- NO DOCTOR – should ever attempt to treat a patient for both illnesses of acute chronic pain and depression. "

Until the eleventh hour before the case was to be tried, we never knew that the Judge was actually going to allow the Jury to view videotapes of William Richard Deagle's interviews that expose just how crazy and demented he actually is. We also never knew whether the jury would be allowed to know that Deagle's license had been revoked. Only, less than one week before the trial, the judge announced that he would allow both of these things as admissible evidence.

Is it any wonder that, at that point, the insurance company for malpractice suddenly contacted Mr. Leventhal to ask if we, his clients, would be willing to settle out of court? So then, after 50 months of agony (that will never be over for us), our case against William Richard Deagle was finally settled out of court. Then, Colorado's largest insurance company for doctors' malpractice insurance contacted us over Memorial Day Weekend of 2008 to ask if we would settle our case against William Deagle out of court. The case was to begin on that Monday, June 2nd. Based on the huge number of narcotics and medications prescribed, and also on the insanity of his web presence, the evidence was overwhelming for the insurance company to persuade that this case be settled without a trial.

It turns out, our lawyer had pulled an enormous number of copies of prescriptions from many different pharmacies; and none of these medications were supposed to be prescribed at the same time. In overwhelming concern, I asked to talk with Deagle on several occasions to ask why there were so many prescriptions written, and why there were so many pharmacies involved. How did he respond? Here's how: Deagle coerced him into signing a contract stating that he would not treat Devin unless his mother, (Shelli Stone) left the doctor alone. I was not to be involved in my own son's treatment, in order for Deagle to continue prescribing these dangerous combinations of drugs. What was Devin to do? Then Deagle prescribed him the Activ Lollipops that are only given to terminal cancer patients facing imminent death with horrible cancer pain. In addition, he prescribed methamphetamines, as well.

I wrote to the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and guess what they did? They responded with a THANK YOU letter!

Later, Deagle arrogantly disclosed that the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference), which he could have consulted about these drug combinations, was only a vehicle for pharmaceutical companies to advertise and "promote new drugs on the market". Did William Richard Deagle EVER consult anyone, or even this book - an industry standard for pharmacy prescriptions? Did he check with a pharmacist or toxicologist to determine whether the antidepressants should be combined with opiates to relieve pain? NO, he did not; and it was a recipe for disaster. Drugs that do not metabolize in the human body very often spiral people toward inevitable serious illness and death.

Sure, we won our case. Sure, Deagle can no longer practice medicine, although he continues to refer to himself as "Doctor" to this day. But does it bring back my son? Does a settlement bring back a leg? Does it restore your eyesight? I urge every person reading this to view the YouTube interviews and articles of William Richard Deagle and make your decision based on this information.

I’m just one voice of many who wants to let people- innocent people- know the truth.

I’d like to say this- I will not let this end without having at least a say in the injustice of this person continuing without conscience, while I live every day in a cloak of sorrow. I quote Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

This is not over, and I have made a lifelong effort of making sure that other parents and loving families never have to be victimized by the kind of madman who preyed on Devin, one William Richard Deagle.


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this story. I had by doubts about this so called doctor, and your story has helped solidify my opinion that this person is out of control, and on a path of self-gratification.

Colin said...

Thank you so much for posting a comment. You are the first one. I sent out a huge email blast to friends, family, etc. tonight and told them how to post the comment. Would you tell your story? I want to keep this blog and this subject going for a long time. It will also help coloradocitizensforaccountability.org. I have done fundraising for them. It was started by Patty Skolnik, who has become a best friend to me after losing her son, Michael, to a malpractice suit. If you look at the above site, you will see Patty's story and what she has done for this country about this subject. Thank you again! Keep it going. Shelli Brockman

Judi said...

Wow! Shelli, what you have endured! I'll never forget his name and the enormity of the grief he has caused you and yours. Please know that my heart goes out to you. The pain must be excruciating. I am glad that you are telling your story.

Anonymous said...

Shelli, Thank you for having the courage to let the world know your story and what an inhuman nut case this man is!

Anonymous said...

You are fighting the good fight
and I know how hard it has been
for you. I admire your strength.
Hopefully your story will make
people aware and to look deeper.

Harvey said...


As a dear friend I understand how difficult this has been for you and I admire your strength and vigilance by exposing this fiend. By telling your story if you can save one person a fraction of the pain and suffering you endured then you have done all of us a great service....God Bless

PJS said...

I haven't written a post because there are no words to explain the loss of child. There is nothing that can be done or said to heal you.
At any moment you fall apart and can't breathe just as if it happened a minute ago. My heart is with you always...sometimes you may not understand who I am and that's ok...for I have my bad days as well and we need to give each permission for those times. For the incompetent doctors in this world we will continue to weed them out and hope to make those in medicine accountable for what they do by doing it the very best for everyone they "practice" on. Keep your strong up my friend and know I'm always there.

shelli said...

Please write more Patty. Please tell your story, help spread the word about citizensforaccountability and patientsrighttoknow, Tell the world what an incompetent "doctor," did to your only son, Michael.
This is how we met, through the atty., through the loss of our son's, born and died the same year. We were connected through the most unfortunate of circumstances, but I will love you forever, feel your pain forever as you will mine. Shelli

shelli said...

I married a wonderful woman, Shelli Brockman. I married into her story. It was her story to uncover the awful deeds that Dr. Deagle performed. It was her strong will to persevere on when at times things looked bleak. She won her case but still lost her son. No one can bring Devin back. I will never meet him. He will never be here, get married, or have children. Some how, some way Shelli will go on, because she is brave and will be here for me and her son, Tyler. Dr. Deagle should be in a hell hole in Hell. Watch out Nova Scotia, Dr. Deagle is there. Hopefully, with Shellis' work, bad doctors will be rooted out and someones life will be saved.
Shellis' loving husband!

Steve H said...

We all need to ask the questions that we take for granted. A title does not mean competence. They are not gods, or experts. They are human beings with huge ego's and many feel that they are above scrutiny. Respect is earned not given. Prove your worth and earn a reputation, abuse it and suffer the wrath of those you effect.
We need to question things we cant understand and determine whether or not to put our trust and lives in the hands of these people. This blog should follow and haunt this man all the days of his life.

shelli gae brockman said...

In about 30 minutes, my son Devin, will have been dead for 5 years, this is completely ruled by the courts following Memorial Day Weekend. The man gave my son drug for depression, chronic pain, anything he could he think of. Paxil, oxicotin, oxycoodne, etc. Never consulted an expereienced doctor to make sure that what he was giving him for pain would metabolize with the anti-depressants. Just one catch, Deagle did it all and knew nothing of pharmaceuticals.How would the fine dr. deagle stripped of his license, feel they way I do. Go keep gathering up your cult and I feel so sorry for the that you are the leader. Death Leader, and your license has gone bye bye! So just call your self bill or even billrickdeagle. shelli stone, profoundly hurt with wholes in her heart for what you did to her son.

shelli gae brockman said...

Please post any comment you want regarding "dr. william deagle." his license was yanked in august of 2006 by the board of medical examiners and he fled to Nova Scotia. His license was also denied there. I want to spread this to the world., deagle is a quack. lost one license, denied another. took my son's life on February 8, 2004. Never had a clue which drugs for chronic pain and which for depression could metabolize together, Don't ever refer a loved on to him. He speaks of craziness, read his blogs. please post notes on this website or my blog which is www.williamricharddeagle.blogspot.com. If I sound a little out there, I am. This five year marker of losing Devin is breaking my heart worse than the normal day of not one day at a time, more like a minute at a time. Thank you for researching, writing and submitting.

Anonymous said...

Incompetence runs rampant in today's world of egos run amuck. To take another's life is the ultimate in arrogance and evil, especially under the title of Dr....in this case, Dr. Richard Deagle. Shelli Brockman, through the loss of her son Devin, has suffered the unthinkable, the unimaginable and the worst of all heataches, the loss of a child.The incompetence of this man has left a permanent hole in this woman's heart and in the lives of all he has touched.
Doctors are human, as we all are and should never be trusted blindly, as we all do. To knowingly prescribe multible drugs without constantly testing and watching the patient and without the proper knowledge of their interaction, is the ultimate in incompetence. Never again should this so called "man of medicine" be allowed to practice and take another life. May he always be haunted by what he has done.....
may Shelli always tower over him with the strength and the conviction to live on and represent a reminder of both Devin and the memories he has left behind.
Shelli, your sheer will to expose this man and his evil ways, will always be remembered and admired by all who know you.

Rhona said...

No one should have to acknowledge an anniversary such as this. This was a young man with his whole life ahead of him, a son, a brother. This incompetent Doctor who was supposed to save lives, took this young life. Karma in this universe will punish him!

Harvey said...

There will come a day
when your tears of sorrow
will softly flow into tears of remembrance...
and your heart will begin to heal itself...
and grieving will be interrupted by episodes of joy...
and you will hear the whisper of hope.
There will come a day
when you will welcome the tears of remembrance...
as a sunshower of the soul...
a turning of the tide...
a promise of peace.
There will come a day when you will...
risk loving...
go on believing...
and treasure the tears of remembering.

David H said...

I get angry when thinking of what this monster did to Devin knowing that it could have been avoided. At the same time I think of how strong you have been over the years and how determined you are to get that monster from ever doing the same to someone elses loved one. You are stronger and more determined than ever and I respect you for it, and I'm humbled by it.

devcourtty said...

Thank you to everyone for posting comments on my blog. Today was a bleak day, Devin's 5th anniversary since I lost him. Your emotions were felt and you helped to make it a better day. I really appreciate your time and thoughts. Love, Shelli

Anonymous said...

Bill Deagle seems utterly insane, as do his wife and son. I am so sorry that your life had to be tainted by crossing paths with such horrible people.

devcourtty said...

Hi Anonymous from June 16th 2009
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment. I don't know anything about the son and just a little about the interaction that Devin had with the wife. She handed him drugs off the shelf once and out of her handbag also. Would you be so kind as to tell me more. I wish I knew more.

Thank you
Shelli Brockman

Anonymous said...

What a Snake Oil Salesman

In the comments section after the notorious Bill Deagle Newspaper article The Prophet in Clayton Park (archived online), someone posted the following:

"Deagle runs a sham company called Nutrimedical and says he serves the Most High God, he says he left the medical field and is a medical intuit, what a LIAR...I stupidly fell for his lies and gave him my credit card number and he charged up $1650. worth of pills and they came intermittently in the mail, I was so shocked he would do that. When I returned them his son said they would refund, then his looney wife emailed and said they were all used. They lied to the Credit card company and said they mailed me a refund, not true, now they will not credit and I am ripped off by them!!! WATCH OUT FOR DEAGLE!!!! UNREAL!!!!

Posted by deagle sucks on May 7, 2009 at 4:57 PM"


Article URL:


devcourtty said...

I just wanted you to know Devin that I am leaving the country for two weeks. It is places that you haven't seen in your short life. The best I can do ow is try to see what I will see through your eyes. I will be at the cemetary to say goodbye as I always do when leaving the country. Makes me feel like I didn't desert you. I love you mom, and miss you so much there are tears either in my eyes or right behind.

Anonymous said...

I'm no legal expert, but you should look into whether or not you have a civil case against the insurance company that recommended Deagle.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't have been so bad if your son had darker hair, but blond? Oh my God, what a terrible loss!

Anonymous said...

You sound like the crazy one. Sure Deagle is out there but much of his stuff is corroborated, although I'm not too sure about all his biblical claims.
If you believe that your government isn't involved in the push for world government and a New World Order then I'm afraid that you are the deluded one.The evidence is there the elites are pushing their agenda of population control, you have 400 concentration camps in the US. What do you think they are for? Wake up!
Don't let your grief drive you over the edge, you're so full of hate and bitterness that you're blinded by it.
How do we know that you haven't been used to discredit a whistle blower by those in power, they are capable of anything and with A SLEEPING dumbed down population it's so easy to manipulate reality. Deagle may be misguided but most of his info is correct. Do the research and you will agree.
Stop hating and wake up.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Bill Deagle does not have and has never been a doctor an MD! So what qualification did he have? If has credentials are false then a massive claim is possible.Do You or anybody happen to know what qualification gave him a medical license and what type? Even better if you could find out the universoty or medical school he claims to have acchived his phony qulifications? Deagle is mad and criminal who needs to be locked up as he's still spreading his snake oil of destruction.What do you excpect from a mad Lebanese.

Anonymous said...

Deagle is in California now one of the few Stes that actually lets people with phony Doctrates operate snake oil sales! Under the guise of health and supplemnts foods! He is a disgrace to the health food and supplmet movment here.

Is there a website or email I can share any new information I have on this crimminal, in private to Shelli? If required.

devcourtty said...

Deagle is in Noa Scotia where he fled to when we were able to get his license revoked in Colorado. He was denied licensing in Nova Scotia. If he moved to Ca. it is a surprise to me. Look him up on the net and you will know why he had to settle the case before it went to trial. He is a kook!

devcourtty said...

typo-sorry. Nova Scotia.

Debra's sister said...

Thanks for your story. Not a day goes by when I don't think of my sister, Debra Darnell, that was also mistreated by this doctor. She had several of those Actiq wrappers around in her home when she died. Many of the medicines said not to be taken with others he had prescribed. There were so many prescriptions! She was once hospitalized in Michigan and they told her she was on a very bad combination of drugs. She recovered and went back to Dr. Deagle's care - she so trusted him because she thought he was religious and she was a very faithful person. My nephew tried to stop him from practicing but it only was temporary. So sorry for your loss.

Kristin said...

Have you ever had one of those days that just feels "weird"? You're unsure why but then you realize why you felt that way? Though I only met you once I spent time with your sons and they all hold a special place in my heart.
Today felt strange...slow day at work and for some reason I was thinking about Court. Then I stumbled across this article and my day changed. I heard that Devin had passed several years ago but didn't know the details. I am both enlightened and outraged. Please know that your family is often in my thoughts and I admire the courage it took to tell this story.
Kristin Miller

Shogun said...

Sheila Dr Deagle says that your son was seeing an "emergency psychiatrist" at the time who prescribed the meds that he overdosed on.

Can you verify who prescribed these medications? You say there were a lot of prescription but can you definitively say that 100% they all came from Deagle?

Shogun said...

Also Shiela I don't want to enrage you but I do have a little story to relate.

When I was 20 I broke my ankel and I was devastated and yes I know it's not nearly the same but it is similar and I hope you will hear me out and understand what was going on.

20 is a very tender age, it is the prime of our youth and to be injured so that you can only hobble around is really a devastating thing to one's confidence and development and I can scarcely imagine the effect of a permanent injury such as that.

I became deeply depressed and irritable to the point where my family became concerned about my mental health. the fire of youth burns the brightest of all and when it is disabled like that it really really hurts, and you know those years are precious so precious to development because you don't get to feel that strong again in your life, and to be disabled it is just a horrible feeling, and in your sons case it must have been absolutely devastating.

I just want the truth Sheila I am not on anyone's side. I don't know your son but I too was disabled tho only temporarily at the same age and it effected me so much that my family thought I was slipping over the edge. It's like this really cruel joke, you wait all your life to be big and strong so that you can lead your own life like you always dreamed as a child and then right at the pinnacle the very peak of the youth within you you get physically disabled.

To some people that may sound superfluous but to a young man of high energy and spirit it is spirit breaking.

That's just how my simalair experience relates, but I truly want to know if you can 100% affirm or even prove if possible that Deagle gave him those pills he overdosed on.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Deagle family has been running an internet clean-up - trying to clean-up all the negative truths about them on the internet by posting positive fake supportive comments of Deagle and loading up the top of the searches with Deagle lies trying to bury the truth. But the truth will always float to the top. Take a look at the Deagle sham "supplements" website and you will see that they have set up their bad medicine wagon in Vista California, scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

4dd said...

The family of this alleged victim has not posted any proof for us to verify that Dr. Deagle had prescribed anything to this patient (reproduce some of the supporting documents presented to court, the court case number and location etc.) so that we can verify these claims.
The author of this blog states that Dr. Deagle no longer is a doctor and no longer has an MD. As far as I know, the process of obtaining an MD is to complete Medical School and the result is that one obtains an MD degree. Similarly one could attend graduate school and complete studies and obtain an MS, MA or Ph.D. One can not take away your degree, nor the fact that one completed their graduate studies -- one can not change history ! Thus claims that he is no longer a "doctor" are dubious and that he lost his MD is patently false (it is not possible to lose one's MD).
So please help us by providing some clear documentation that Dr. Deagle had performed malpractice on our son.
Furthermore, vague insults, slurs and scoffing at Dr. Deagle's presentations on his Nutrimedical Report shows are not productive. They hold no substance. Please look at his guests, look at their qualifications and listen to what they have to say. I do not find anything that Dr. Deagle has said to be something that I can prove is wrong. So, if you find anything that he has said that is false please help us by stating (1) precisely what he said, (2) when and where he said it (a full scholarly citation) and (3) how you can verify it is incorrect. That would help us greatly !
If you merely think that something he says "sounds off" or some other nonesense, please use reason and proof instead. Then, perhaps, we can get to the bottom of this.
So until proper proof is supplied, all I can say is that we do not know that Dr. Deagle is incorrect or that he is anything other than a sincere prophet from God and a brilliant man.

Anonymous said...

william deagle is a cointelpro operative and a danger to all !

Anonymous said...

https://www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/PrintLicenseDetails.aspx?cred=415158&contact=455125 revoked details

Anonymous said...

First of all, whether you are hating on dr deagle or loving him, no one knows whos actually posting the comment, it could be the same person putting 5 different names for all we know. So you can never REALLY know whats up. Second, the fact that your including the whole conspiracy theory part in your story just makes me think your working for the elite. Third- i completely agree with Every single part of 4dd's comment, he has a terrific point. Lastly, ive been ordering From nutrimedical for 2 years and the supplements i take along with healthy diet and exercise Are so ahead of any illness protocol youll find out there, its unbelievable. Im not saying i know hes innocent or not, im just pointig out you cant really tell from this site or any site, really.

Anonymous said...

You make some valid points, however, licensed or not, Dr. Deagle earned a doctorate degree, which gives him the title of 'doctor'

Whether or not he is licensed to practice medicine is another story.

May your son rest in peace.

Corey Keel said...

I grew up very sick in Nova Scotia. I give Dr,Deagle full credit for making me healthy. Professionally he has by far been the best doctor i have ever had. Personally, he became a family friend. We attended the same baptist church and my late sister was him and Michelle's baby sitter.
I am aware of what happened in Colorado, but doesn't change a thing for me. I would be dead if not for him.
I have great respect for Dr.Deagle

-CoreyK 44ck@live.com

cat said...

The link in the blog story does not work.
https://www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/PrintLicenseDetails.aspx?cred=415158&contact=455125 however does indicated his license in Colorado was revoked.